I thoroughly enjoyed the Launde Abbey Encounter in February 2018.  I enjoyed ‘connecting’ with other person centred counsellors, and valued that meeting with my ‘tribe’.  The impact of the encounter is still with me, as is the reflective learning process evoked in me – which I value and appreciate.

For individuals who have never attended an “Encounter” I would thoroughly recommend it, if you want to experience deeper connections, with both yourself and others, an encounter weekend, is a safe place to ‘meet’.

Launde is also the perfect place to relax, unwind and distance yourself from the day to day distractions of work, home or general life pressures.  The hospitality, warmth and ambience at Launde is an experience worthy in it’s own right.  I look forward to next years ‘Encounter’ and welcoming new and returning people to this experience.

A, An Attendee at Launde Encounter 2018

Every encounter group is a new experience.  I never quite know what to expect from the group, from others and from within myself.  That can be the exciting and the scary part.  The joy of meeting people, both familiar and new,  is warm and nurturing.  Both the challenge and the nurturing help me to grow as a person.    I learn by engaging and watching as we interact with each other.  It is refreshing to experience and live within Rogerian conditions  over the whole weekend

The surroundings and environment of Launde Abbey have their own peace and beauty.  I look forward each year to this special retreat.

L, An Attendee at Launde Encounter 2018