Clinical supervision is an activity that brings a skilled supervisor and practitioner(s) together, in order to reflect upon their practice. It is a regular, dedicated time for you to think about your experience, knowledge and skills, which provides a safe space to discuss and consider how you might improve and develop your practice.

I provide clinical supervision for counsellors, both by arrangement with individuals or by arrangement with employers.  This currently includes regular monthly individual and team supervision arrangements, both from my own premises and in the workplace.

In addition, I frequently work with people who are themselves involved in the caring professions: doctors, nurses, teachers, allied health professionals, clergy and managers. It is not always easy for such people to reach out for support when they need it, but doing so is key to staying healthy in these roles.  I believe that having a safe space to reflect on our work as ‘helpers’ helps us to remain at peace with ourselves and enables us to return to our practice refreshed.

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