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Just have to let you know how much I loved the course on Saturday! I can’t begin to imagine all the preparation and planning that goes into such a well designed and executed agenda. Despite having plenty of content, I felt that the whole day was ‘manageable’ in terms of pacing and being introduced to concepts/models less familiar.
I am now eager to continue looking at the myriad of resources you have sent us.

Heartfelt thanks to you and Laura for a brilliant day.

Viv, Never the Same – Complicated Grief, Trauma and Loss Workshop Attendee December 2018

Inspired and reassured that the service I provide is of value.

Mari, Never the Same – Complicated Grief, Trauma and Loss Workshop Attendee December 2018

It was all amazing and verified my work.

Sue, Never the Same – Complicated Grief, Trauma and Loss Workshop Attendee December 2018

That’s the best CPD I’ve attended and I’ll definitely come along to more!  I loved the mixed media approach!  I feel more aware of my body and brain and how responses can be natural and not something to berate myself for!  Lots of amazing resources, I plan to use these myself.

Jo, Vicarious Trauma and Self Care Workshop Attendee September 2018

Nourished and well fed with interesting knowledge.  The pace and delivery worked really well for me. It has been a pleasure to be a recipient of your teaching and generous sharing of knowledge and experience.

Emma, Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Self Care Workshop Attendee September 2018

An excellent workshop, Anne had an enthusiastic way of delivering the workshop where she was aware of each person’s learning styles.  The resources that were provided were excellent especially as they were both printed and electronic.

Kathryn, Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Self Care Workshop Attendee September 2018

  • I enjoyed the whole session and found it really practical and will be a great help in reflecting on my coaching sessions in the future to improve my practice. Also the use of the cards was thought provoking and it would be helpful if the Trust could purchase a set for coaches to access.
  • Very interactive. a complex theory that was fun to learn and useful. You know its a great day when the time flies!
  • Excellent day. Anne is a very knowledgeable and engaging facilitator.  Lots I can use in the workplace.
  • The discussions were insightful and enabled us to put our learning into practice. We all had the opportunity to discuss our experiences and time to reflect on this and the learning. Anne is a great facilitator with a wealth of knowledge and experience so the session was extremely interesting and useful.

Attendees at Master Class in Coaching, University Hospitals of Derby & Burton, July 2018

I have recently attended Anne’s training day on Transactional Analysis. I had a little knowledge of this theory prior to going. On completion of the day, I felt very well informed and more confident in the theory and working practice of TA. I have definitely been able to apply the theory to my practice and have a fuller understanding of patterns of relating, ego states, drivers and thinking patterns which support life positions.

I really experienced this day holistically, mind, body and soul. Anne’s attention to detail, knowledge and approachability supported a valuable day’s learning. Thank you Anne.

Debbie, Transactional Analysis Workshop Attendee June 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed the day! Anne facilitated an open, warm and safe space to learn and fully engage with the course material. I felt able to speak openly about how TA relates to me in the therapy room and out side of the therapy room. Thank you for providing this thorough and accessible introduction to TA.

Tara, Transactional Analysis Workshop Attendee June 2018

I found the introduction to Transactional Analysis workshop very beneficial as it allowed me to gain a more in depth understanding, which was achieved due to Anne’s excellent knowledge of the subject area and the enthusiasm that she shows. Anne was very approachable and was able to adapt to the needs of the group with gentle encouragement along the way where it felt that it was okay to answer questions.

I personally felt that Anne’s use of group work was very beneficial for me as it allowed me to apply the information that I had learnt where it was okay to get things wrong. Anne provided excellent resources, which I will use over and over again. This workshop has enabled me to have a closer understanding self and one in which, where appropriate, I will use with clients. I look forward to hearing about further courses that you hold.

Louise, Transactional Analysis Workshop Attendee June 2018

I attended a full day’s training on A Working Introduction to Transactional Analysis. Anne was warm and welcoming, friendly and professional throughout and very knowledgeable and passionate about this subject area.

The resources we received prior to, during and after the session were all so useful and will continue to be so for further development and future client work.

I look forward to future training with Anne as I found her and this training, a real pleasure for both personal and professional development.

Kerry, Transactional Analysis Workshop Attendee June 2018

The introduction to TA workshop was well paced and informative. I left with a confident understanding of the approach and the basic theory, this was brought to life with group work and the amazing resources provided. Anne was a confident approachable and supportive facilitator. I hope to attend more of her workshops in the future.

Denise, Transactional Analysis Workshop Attendee June 2018

Anne has developed and facilitated a range of CPD days for us. Topics have included reflective practice, compassion fatigue and effective team working. Every session has been created and delivered to be as effective and useful as possible. Anne brings great knowledge, clarity and insight into all that she does. She uses a mix of creative learning methods to help engage everyone actively in sessions and always presents and leaves us with useful materials and references. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Anne to anyone considering staff development or support.

Sacha Richardson, Director of Family Services, Winston’s Wish

Anne really knows how to make your learning come to life. Not only does she deliver the super useful theory but she is able to support you in joining up the dots for you to better understand it in your own world. Learning with Anne is both fun and enlightening.

Sam, Leadership Development Advisor, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Brilliant trainer – want more of this!
  • Shared feelings amongst peers
  • Excellent information session
  • Helped me reflect and keep things in perspective
  • More confident to explore ethical issues and reflect on ethical decisions
  • Feel better to hear concerns voiced and that we are all having similar dilemmas
  • Excellent session, made me think about every day practice

Feedback from Ethical Dilemma’s Session Autumn 2017

Anne is a natural teacher; she is caring, professional and enthusiastic. I thoroughly enjoyed her courses and hope to do more in the future.

Gill Weightman (Geologist, Weightman Associates)

Anne provided a session on Ethics in Cancer and managed to hold the attention of very busy clinical health professionals, the session was both informative and interesting.  Feedback on the session was very positive and it got the group talking about the right things. I have booked Anne to speak at another session later this year.

Carole, Lead Cancer Nurse

I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Anne in the NHS for a few years in L&OD. I always found her to be a consummate professional, who had an extensive working knowledge and understanding of the training cycle, development of training sessions, courses and the development of individuals and teams. Anne used her skills and experience to develop both her colleagues, and peers, and to support the organisational objectives and business plan.  Anne has excellent communication skills and is empathic and approachable to all staff and students; from non-managerial roles to senior managers and Directors. I found Anne to be motivated, determined and positive in her drive to develop staff, whether she was undergoing a one to one developmental session through to a formal qualification. Personally I found her ongoing support, feedback and development to be invaluable to this day.

Tracey Bennett, L&D officer, University of Warwick.  

Anne is an integral member of our Hospice Trustees Board on a number of levels:  She heads up our Clinical Governance team which meets on a bi-monthly basis and attends regular Board Meetings.  Anne supervises my three members of Bereavement staff every six weeks ensuring they have a safe place to talk through any concerns they may have either personally or related to work issues.  On a number of occasions Anne has generously given her time to offer specific areas of training to all Hospice staff which have been received extremely well by all who have attended.  I personally find Anne a great “sounding-board,” someone I can talk to confidentially about work concerns and bounce lots of ideas off with her.  I have no hesitation in sign-posting people to her for counselling where necessary.  She has excellent boundaries, objective, perceptive, resilient, self-aware and an excellent listener.    I highly recommend her array of skills!

Gill Hancock, Chaplain and Director of Bereavement Services

Anne delivered a great Transactional Analysis session on a workshop I attended.  She had the perfect blend of theory, practical and coaching to help us understand our own results and to consider the differences with those we worked with.  Having this knowledge made a few things click into place when I thought about my manager and my own team members.  Her delivery style was calm, collected and supportive – absolutely perfect when you are digging deep into your own behaviours.

Jorja Hailcombe, Leicester