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I have been working with Anne for a couple of years now.
She is professional, able, warm and friendly without being at all ‘mumsy’.
She listens carefully to what I say, and even more carefully to what I don’t say.
Her intelligent understanding and gentle sense of humour have pulled me through some tight places and I am glad I found her.

Frankie, Leicestershire

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In the bottom of a deep dark well, struggling in the black ooze to a new better than before me with positive thoughts and the resilience and strength to cope with whatever life throws at me.

Thanks Anne

I would highly recommend Anne to anyone down in the ooze and seeking a way out.

Tony, Leicester


Photograph by Sarah Bruce

One of the best ways to learn about yourself and your responses to your experiences can be through personal therapy. Anne is well qualified to accompany you on your journey no matter how difficult or long it may be. A natural empath, Anne brings professionalism, compassion and understanding to her practice, and this is totally underpinned by thorough knowledge and understanding of the person centred model of counselling.

Lynn, Counsellor, MBACP

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Anne has worked with me on a long term basis for just over two years.  She has provided me with a safe space, that I have never experienced before, where I am able to explore who I am as a person, both with and without the labels that I hold:  Bipolar Disorder, Unstable Emotional Personality Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. I have travelled a difficult road whilst in therapy but Anne has shown me the conditions of empathy and unconditional positive regard that have allowed me to open up and as such gain more from therapy.

Anne is not afraid of working in different ways, which I am very grateful for as my natural way of being is not spoken.  I would strongly recommend Anne as a therapist.

Kathryn, Client

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