An Introduction to Transactional Analysis – 12th October 2019 – FULLY BOOKED

A Working Introduction to Transactional Analysis – 12th October 2019 – Flyer

Exploring ourselves through a better understanding of Transactional Analysis (TA) can support better communication, self awareness and promote healthier and more rewarding relationships.

This one day workshop supports your learning in this subject and enables you to use your understanding both personally and professionally, whatever your occupation and interest.

“I have recently attended Anne’s training day on Transactional Analysis. I had a little knowledge of this theory prior to going. On completion of the day, I felt very well informed and more confident in the theory and working practice of TA. I have definitely been able to apply the theory to my practice and have a fuller understanding of patterns of relating, ego states, drivers and thinking patterns which support life positions.

I really experienced this day holistically, mind, body and soul. Anne’s attention to detail, knowledge and approachability supported a valuable day’s learning. Thank you Anne.”

Debbie, Transactional Analysis Workshop Attendee – 2018

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