5th December 2020 – Connect and Collaborate – Networking Event for Therapists

Connect and Collaborate – 5th December 2020

Working as a counselling professional, particularly in private practice can be a lonely place.  When you are training you are part of a group with peers and tutors who you can share your hopes, fears and learning with a ‘safe place’ to turn when you get stuck, lost or scared.  Then you qualify and you are in a new territory with questions, ideas and concerns that tend to be saved for discussions with your supervisor or a few select peers who you have stayed in contact with from your training group.

Add Covid 19, a lockdown, new ways of working, changes in practice and both personal and professional uncertainty that we haven’t experienced before, we can understandably feel overwhelmed.

If you miss some of the connections you felt from being a part of a group and are interested in making new contacts with local practitioners, why don’t you try this networking event and see if you might expand your comfort zone and grow your future self with help of others experiences and learning?




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