Body Image; an Exploration of Influences, ‘Health’ messages and the Impact of this on our Well Being – Please Register Interest to be added to our Waiting List

Research tells us that body image concerns tend to lead to social anxiety problems.  While it can be difficult to distinguish between the official diagnoses regarding body image and social anxiety, the truth is when you’re not feeling good about yourself, you’re more reluctant to socialize and to seek out relationships.


Some concerns about body image aren’t unusual. We are all human, and our nature is to focus on the imperfections, rather than seek our perfections. Yet, body-image concerns can affect our ability to be fully present in our relationships.

This experiential workshop is an opportunity to consider and explore your own relationship with the subject of body image and equip and enhance your confidence in working with clients to improve body image and self-esteem.

Body Shaming Flyer – Date to be Confirmed

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